What's to come from My Budget Binder?

Can I first start by saying thank YOU for coming along the ride. 

Although we are just getting started as a company, we haven't even reached our peak. Now, you may have read our "About Me" section, but I would love to give you a deeper look into where we are headed. 

While having your very own MBB is necessary and an impactful tool to assist you or help further your financial journey, I am aware others need a more 'hands on' experience.  So, coming soon I will be opening limited one-on-one budget coaching. Make sure you are signed up for our email list for special updates.

MEN! I have heard you and with our next launch in July I KNOW you will be excited. Imagine that, a mens My Budget Binder curated in color and style with you in mind. & did someone say apparel? You can expect customized merch just for you coming 2021 as well. 

Ladies and to my kiddos, we have you covered also. We will be introducing our merchandise line and kid extension for MBB. 

I hope you were getting just as excited as I was reading this brief overview of what's to come, but of course not limited to. 

With any company, we produce and thrive with you, the customers in mind. I desire to curate products that you love, so expect some voting to come out in the upcoming months for our next launch. 

I truly do value you and desire to see you gain and continue learning financial literacy, healthy money habits and stewardship. This will be your personal HUB to grow. I can't wait to see you win. 


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