About us

Like many of you, growing up, I was not taught about financial literacy. The words budgeting, savings, and investing were not in my vocabulary. Unfortunately, that is the story for countless individuals. Acknowledging that deficit in my life has been the driving force behind My Budget Binder (MBB). MBB is more than a product. It is the foundation for better financial use and most importantly as a Christian based business, learning to honor God with our money.

Our vision is built on creating healthy-habits and providing useful information geared towards maximizing the use of your finances. Our goal is to provide you with products and resources that challenge you to shift your mindset and change generational patterns. MBB is a 6-month financial resource binder to aid you on this journey. You are not only purchasing an item but making an investment into your future and financial success.

Our vision is to take MBB to major retail stores, schools, corporations and anyone who desires to be financially successful. We endeavor to provide courses, programs and merchandise for you to learn from and enjoy. When you update your budget binder, wear our merchandise, or share our information, may they be encouraging reminders of the progressive steps you have taken on your financial journey.

We desire to walk along-side you on this journey. Whether you are just learning about financial literacy, purchasing your first home or starting a business, we are here for the ride. 

- Jasmine Joseph, Founder