• Will MBB only consist of 6-month increment Binders? 
No. We will be launching 'fill in' Budget Binders available to use any time of the year. Join our email list for major updates. 
  • Will MBB be offered in different colors? 
Yes. We will be taking a poll to keep our ladies and men in mind on which colors you would like for our next launch. We would love your input, so be on the lookout for the poll. 
  • How long is processing after I order? 

Processing for all orders is 2-3 business days, but most orders are fulfilled the same day. 

  • Do the Cash Envelopes and customized pen come with my order?

The (2) cash envelopes and customized MBB pen was included in our limited pre-order bundle, BUT, will be available for purchase sepertanly soon. Don't miss out, sign up for our email list for updates. 

  • What else is there to come from MBB? 
We have so much coming for you MBB family. A merchandise line for men and women with "declaration" pieces. More stationary for your office. On-the-go pieces and so much more.
Would you like to submit a suggestion? Any products you would like to see from MBB? Or a question you would like answered? We would love to hear from you.