How to have a Healthy relationship with money?

Why is having a Healthy Relationship with money a topic that needs to be discussed? A topic that YOU most likely need to read and have rooted in you. 

Most people did not grow up into wealth, learning about the basics of money management and possibly grew up where lower income classes were prevalent. 

Having this understanding that how we grew up, what we saw in regards to "struggle" or lack, may have an affect on our current mindsets about money is necessary to tackle.  

Why? This mindset may be subconsciously hindering your financial disciplines and hope because you do not see that a silver lining in your money management journey is possible. 

But it is. And that is why I'm bringing this awareness. 

Let's start with 3 signs that you may bear a lack mindset

1. You hoard any extra money out of FEAR that it may not come again. 

2. You are afraid to treat yourself to even the least expensive thing. 

3. You lost hope that this will just be your normal. 

Can I tell you that I truly do get it. I did not grow up in wealth (not that there's anything wrong with that at all), but I understand it is not most people's reality, and it was not mine either. 

Let's discuss why you should hope again?  There are many free resources available for you to help you along this journey, free webinars, and so many social media gems. Also, there are side gigs available to bring in extra money as well, such as --Lyft, Uber eats, etc. 

So now, let's discuss 3 mindset shifts for you going forward:

1. I am capable of changing my wealth legacy. 

2. I am not where I came from and I am committed to being the change I want to see.

3. With discipline, hard work and hope I will overcome and make every effort to change and be consistent. 

Now, This was just the start to your list. What else would you add? Comment below.  


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